Monday, January 16, 2012

Study indicates QR codes can drive purchases

Do you use QR codes to help market your business? A new study by Chadwick Martin Bailey indicates they may be gaining some traction. About half of the people surveyed reported they had scanned a code, while 18 reported they had made a purchase after scanning. Of those who scanned, 70 percent said it was pretty easy to do. That's good news for marketers who have been trying to encourage consumers to adopt the technology. On the down side, just 41 percent said they got back useful information when they scanned. This means companies using the QR technology may need to raise their game and give consumers good reasons to scan.

If you're using QR codes to help market your wholesale or retail nursery, feel free to discuss in the comments. What have you tried? How is it working? Do QR codes have a future?

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